Creating decluttered, happy, lighter spaces is what we do.


We are waiting to connect with you. Whenever you are ready (though remember, often there will never be an ideal time, so we suggest that you Just Start … pronto!).

We inspire you to start, confront and have fun, and we guide you to create happier healthier homes, office spaces and lives that truly reflect the best of who you (and your families) are or want to be. With ease and grace.

We love nothing more than to guide you or your business in making the transformations you seek.


Who are we?

We are Natalie and Tip, Australian change agents who have discovered an easier way to help people to get started, unstuck and moving forward. Who use your spaces to help you make the changes you seek. We have been transforming lives this way for years through workshops, consulting and coaching.

How did we meet?

We met while working on collaborative workspaces for socially responsible entrepreneurs in Amsterdam. We worked in large corporations, as solo-entrepreneurs, and now we’re happily in the middle.

We love helping individuals create homes and lifestyles they love. We also love helping businesses ensure their offices are spaces that reflect their brands, where their employees thrive (are less stressed and more productive), and where clients want to come back to.

Want to get started but don’t know how? “Start with a corner. Start with 5 minutes. And repeat.”

Tell me more

We’re known as “how to start” experts, small space maximisers, storage solutions designers and authors of our blog and “Happy House Rules”. We guide clients around the world to take the leap (or baby-steps) required to make changes in their homes and lives that last. We’re also interiors addicts and curators of places and spaces.

I’m interested in hiring you but I’m not based where you live

Not a problem. We are location independent. Almost all our services are designed to be done either in person or virtually. We’ve been changing lives via the internet, Skype and our online courses for quite a while now. And continually amazed at how well it works. Of course, if you want to fly us somewhere, we’re open to that too!

A powerful proven process.

Our services are built around our method that teaches you how to change your space and your habits (and make them stick). Usually this also changes your life in some way.

Intrigued and want to know how we can help you or your workplace?

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