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Doesn’t this picture just make you want to move to the country?

part of a fabulous series by Gabriela Herman on Beetlebung farm.

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Have you ever felt like your home needs to go on a diet? Needs a refresh? Or you just need help getting that long list of things done? Our course runs for 5 weeks and walks you week by week, through easy and thoughtful ways to punch up, transform and declutter your personal space.

Each week we send you exercises , tips and inspiration, as well as connect you to a great community of people sharing the experience in a private online space. We are also there to support you the whole way!

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“Be very selective about what items to display in your space, and make sure everything you own you absolutely love! Edit frequently.”

great advice on our living spaces (even if you don’t have a small space)

read and see more of this fab studio & small space living here

how gorgeous is this textile collaboration by

Kate Banazi & Joanna Fowles?

it’s stocked at koskela in Sydney & you can also buy online

i’m obsessed!

The shape above the bed just made me think of my washi tape diamond on my living room wall -a cheap and relatively easy DIY which you can change out, when you feel the need for something new! :-)


I have just finished reading this & I have to say @abigailahern – awesome! I liked your first book but I ♡♡♡ this one. Folks – whatever your decorating style, I assure you there’s something in this for you…that is, unless you don’t care how your surroundings look at all! ;-) #abigailahern #interiors #book

One more happy living room shot from the previous Emily Henderson before/after.

More here

(It’s awesome BTW because of the story behind the before / after AND because the decor is very personal to the folk that live there!)

We’re excited to annouce our new online course!

It starts April 29th, and we’d love you to join us.

For the past 3 years we’ve been blogging about Apartment Diet, sharing our inspirations and ideas, but we have always had a course in mind where we could help you start…and finish.

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this living room makes me happy, but the before and after story makes me beam. and giggle.

read all about it here

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