Issy Miyake 132 5 + Gatherings – Design Museum Visit Part 2

Yesterday I shared my trip to the Design Museum Holon and how it had me inspired with it’s architecture. Today I take you inside the museum, into it’s two exhibition rooms on Gatherings. Like many of us, I can be inspired by things. But in this case, it was the experience of things, in the museum space, that inspired me. I hope they inspire you too…

issy miyake 132 5

If you’ve followed this blog and us on instagram for a while, you’ll know I am fond of folded things, knitted things and geometric things. Artists like Mika Barr and Jacqui Fink (whose has incidentally just opened her online store) to name a few. So imagine my delight to discover that the exhibition in the design museum was essentially on that.

Let’s following the buildings curves upward into a darkened room featuring “Gatherings”. While I can’t say all the elements – furniture and lighting – were my thing, I can happily say that several, the knitted lamps, pictured above, and the folded chair on the right, below, made me happy. Yes, happy.

gathering exhibit design museum holon by apartment diet

Downstairs however, was for me the biggest surprise and delight.

issy miyake 132 5 gaterhings design musuem apartmentdiet

I admit to being mildly interested in fashion. I admit to being swayed by trends. I admit to wearing a lot of black. I admit to having always liked Issey Miyake clothing. Even back in the day when a friend worked in his gorgeous little store in Paddington, Sydney.

But here, downstairs, Issy Miyake took me back to geometry.

To lovely folded genius of clothes. And to…

issy miyake 132 5 design museum apartment diet

…polyesther. (Did you think I was going to say origami? ;)

For the first time ever I also considered I would wear polyesther daily. If it meant I could wear this. (I have nothing against polyesther per say, but I do come from a hot country and live in one. Polyesther doesn’t breathe like cotton. Enough said).

This collection. Issey Miyake 132 5. It’s a commentary on the future of fashion. On things designed to last.

Maybe it’s been done before. I don’t care. There in the darkened room I wanted to wear every single piece of clothing.

issy miyake folded clothing 132 5 apartment diet

And for one extra delight. Those folded objects underneath the clothes being modeled is the clothing. Every piece is made of one folded painted piece. Mathematically calculated. With very few stitches. He considers it more industrial design than fashion. Which is probably why I like it. It’s form and function.

It was beautiful. Mathematically beautiful. And it was made to last.

Issey Miyake. You are a genius.

(Can you tell I had a good time?)

What do you think – do they inspire you too?

Art: The Must Have Home Accessory

  “Live with art, It’s good for you!” – Jen Beckman


Did someone say art? This week’s Happy House Rules is a bit like last week’s plant challenge: when added to your home it has a HUGE impact in changing the atmosphere of your space and life.

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” ~ Plato

And so it is with art. You don’t need to own a particular artist’s piece or subscribe to a particular style. The art we’re talking about is art in your home that’s personal and makes you smile, feel inspired or remember wonderful moments in your life. It needn’t be scary or unreachable (though of course we encourage you to dream about some original you think is awesome ;). We’d like to introduce you to the idea that living with art is great, and even better, it can be really be FUN.

1. How to NOT get overwhelmed

There is a lot of art out there so I can imagine that it is a daunting task to figure out where to start – the best suggestion I have is to look around the web, in museums, fairs, friend’s collections and start saving pictures of the types of things that catch your eye – you’ll notice a pattern after a while of the things you like which can help inform you on the type of art to buy.

q1art via abigail Piero Gemelli

2. You don’t have to commit: Lean It

Consider leaning your art up against the wall, a windowsill or on some magazines. Also nice if you are too scared to make holes in the wall or can’t hang your art because you’re in a rental. Don’t let that little detail stop you! Piero Gemilli’s place above should be inspiration enough to try it.

3. Buy (or paint or print) ONE BIG WOW piece

The above pic is also a great example of how 1 single piece of art can change the entire vibe of a space – just place your hand over the B&W face in the picture and see what happens. Interesting huh? The takeaway is, once piece CAN completely change the feeling of a room.  The paintings below are also a perfect example of how one piece can give your room the ‘wow’ factor it needs – in addition, they are huge relative to the size of the room – which is another designer trick that ups the fab stakes. Don’t be afraid to supersize your art, especially if your space is small! I should know, my place is narrow but the second pic below is in my home. It actually makes the space feel bigger.


4. Consider Poster Art (Trending)

If buying paintings isn’t for you, then a very big trend right now, which is also relatively cheap and easy to do, is poster art. Never before has there been as huge a selection to choose from, from daintily drawn numbers to graphic text and shapes in black and white and full colour!  I wanted to show you my faves but, as there are so many, instead here are some posters from some of my favourite people Mariela, Cat and Kerry (click on the pic to get to their webshops):

Mountains OHM


Adobe Photoshop PDF

5. Buy what you love

Above all, the best advice when it comes to adding art to your homes is to buy what you love, unless you’re an aficionado and are buying for investment purposes. Though, even in that case, I would suggest to only buy it if you love it because you will have to look at it everyday. (Art should never be hidden away in my opinion!).


I’ll be back later in the week with some tips about different ways to think about and display your art and a bit about 3D art too. Until then, we’d love you to play with us on Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr or send us an email, whatever is easiest for you but definitely play our happy house rules this week and:


* if you’re playing on social media – snap a pic, tag us @apartmentdiet & #showusyourart so we can feature you

Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Friday Favourites: Summertime Edition

Summer’s on our mind. Think long, hot, sticky, ice-cream filled, kids not at school, days. Think aircon. Think holidays. Think suncream. Think lying in this DIY hammock.

DIY Summer Hammock via Remodalista

DIY summer hammock by Remodalia (tx Zoe)

Or if you’re like me, wondering how it’s almost mid-August…? And busily woking. You may have noticed that Tip and I are growing Apartment Diet the business, coaching and ecourse offerings, Happy House Rules and more. We love creating happy healthy homes for our clients and with you all and want to be able to do this full time.

And of course, happy warm winter to our Southern hemisphere friends! Don’t worry, there are links for you too ;)

This week’s Friday Favourites:

ikea hack sketchinc doorknobs
Tip’s genius ikea hack idea – using Sketchinc’s gorgeous wooden doorknobs (above)

This ice cream pillow

Cookies + Cups ridiculous smores marshmellow milkshake (In time for National S’mores Day on Sunday- tx Myan)

Grey ombre nails

Waiting for summer by Asia Pietrzyk
Art for my wall Waiting for summer | by Asia Pietrzyk (via Bonnie Tsang)

Sarah’s Rapini Noodle Bowl

This shared kidsroom by Aura by Tracie Ellis  (especially the diy-able triangle headboards!)

Anatomy of a Weaving Loom by Natalie Novak Combed Thunder
Anatomy of Weaving Loom by Natalie Novak  (tx Mel Bomba)
These cotton sun shades  (via Designlovefest)
and Si’s  summer make up

Happy Friday, Summer (/Winter) and Happy Weekend!

Friday Favourites: Water + The Beach Photography

greek island window seat

Every day when I walk into my home I see this print of Bondi beach by Aquabumps that hangs in our entrance and I’m instantly calmed and ‘home’.

It’s been a heavy news week again, especially in both Tip and my adopted countries…it’s also hot and summery which means I’m feeling slow and frankly, a little stressed and tired.

I crave rest and calm.

Water and the beach has always calmed and soothed me so to take us into the weekend I’m sharing some of my current favourite images of water and beaches and a few extra links with blessings for a calm, restful, happy and peaceful weekend to us all!

aontoine rose beach photo water6

And some cliffs from Greece and Italy…

water5 water4

PS If you want to make your homes more restful, one way is to add art that evokes rest and calmness for you… another is to design your bedroom it for rest and romance. Learn more about how to design your bedroom here.


Image sources: 1 / 2 / 34 / 5

Designer Find – Bauke Knotterus – Phat Knits

Bauke Knottnerus‘s AMAZING “Phat Knits” – I love when I find something I haven’t seen before. it makes me smile…and feel inspired. (And want one in my home)!



By Tracey Emin

Neon lighting love

All you need is less – via

calm bedroom with lovely art!

on est mag

The shape above the bed just made me think of my washi tape diamond on my living room wall -a cheap and relatively easy DIY which you can change out, when you feel the need for something new! :-)


We harp on about art but truly, art is what takes your space to the next level AND it’s a wonderful way to put your own personal stamp on your home with something that makes you smile!  With so much good yet affordable art these days, change it around when you want.  Easy peasy! ;-)


via design sponge