love this!

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more swoon. the art, the floor, the…

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Top of cupboards as an art display space – genius.  This also helps the kitchen feel a little less functional…

A different (& lovely) way of displaying your art on those bookshelves you’ve emptied (never would happen at our house, I can’t seem to let go of all my books!).

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Did you notice the books?  Not at first right?  Smoke & mirrors…this is really clever in my book. (pun intended!)

colour is BACK baby.

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Loving this alphabet bird print made with wooden letterpress blocks, found in the new shop on the block studiohuntingbears.  Artist is Stephen Caton.  Go check it out for more cool alphabet print ideas as well as some other lovely pieces!

pastel cute, but some nice ideas

photo by siren tx si

BTW i’m suddenly attracted to pink.

which means it’s going to be a colour on trend this year (as I generally hate don’t like pink)

i may just have to buy this Curiosity poster!

by Ylva Skarp styled by Annaleena

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clever. more diy inspiration for headboard/bedroom art alternatives.