a simple sliding door – elevated with blackboard paint.



Am thinking my bathroom wants this sink.  It’s funny, as it’s not really ‘me’ but then again, my bathroom isn’t really me either.


(via interiors / Bathroom art (May/June 2011))

dark shower. gorgeous floor tiles. fabulous bath.

the perfect “wet room”

by paola navone tx vosagesparis

i think this bathroom is RIDICULOUSLY good!

more here

ps yes paola navone ;)

Pink bath love by Catchpole & Rye.

The end – all clean but of course we live here so there has to be stuff around the sink (still looking for the right shelving) …
But most importantly this is more than good enough!
All organized and a fun message for me and the mr (and the bathroom,

Apartment diet the middle- area in and around bathroom sink.

- clean (with love if you can ;)
– throw out junk
– put things in piles for keep, toss, donate and gift

2bags of garbage later…now onto organize and already designing products in my head for low tray organizers for the little cupboard

PS I can’t explain why but at this stage (or the one before) all your – well my – energy goes out the door and all I want to do is have a coffee and leave the stuff out there… So I’m just saying hey you it’s the last bit!! Finding that inner cheer leader blah is frankly a pain in the butt but a reward of coffee and E! after this does help a bit ;)

loving this bathroom and other fav places by amerrymishap

Don’t let things like windows stop you from making your design work…this bathroom just required a little out of the box thinking…the best part is that you see more clearly when the daylight is on your face! :-)

~ via desire to inspire

Real space bathroom. For more lovely pics of gorgeous tiles check out French by design: http://frenchbydesign.blogspot.co.il/2012/07/friday-mix-tile-love.html?m=1