Bedroom mmmm
From Karlijn de Jong’s house

Mariela reminds us not to forget the bedroom!

Is your bedroom designed for rest & romance?

ahhhhfabulous calm bedroom + window seat

by studio oink

one delicious, perfect, corner.


we’re suckers for attic bedrooms, especially when they come with a bath!

calm bedroom with lovely art!

on est mag

The shape above the bed just made me think of my washi tape diamond on my living room wall -a cheap and relatively easy DIY which you can change out, when you feel the need for something new! :-)


We harp on about art but truly, art is what takes your space to the next level AND it’s a wonderful way to put your own personal stamp on your home with something that makes you smile!  With so much good yet affordable art these days, change it around when you want.  Easy peasy! ;-)


via design sponge

gorgeous styling by justina blakeney

tx oldbrandnew

Well that’s just clever-ness! :-)