I’ve seen stair/bookshelves like this before but I still love this idea! :-)

Also very clever storage.

A different (& lovely) way of displaying your art on those bookshelves you’ve emptied (never would happen at our house, I can’t seem to let go of all my books!).

~ via Abigail


Did you notice the books?  Not at first right?  Smoke & mirrors…this is really clever in my book. (pun intended!)

Lovely white loveliness


Amazing white

Not my style at all but I like the bookshelves at the end of the island.

bookshelf porn by anouk kruithof

taking colour coding bookshelves to a whole new level!

tx blackeiffel

moni bookshelves lightweight mmmm

now, can you please make them in a range of colours? i’ll help!


makes me want to go dark. now.

ps take full tour of claire safronoff’s place

here on freunde von freunden

Lovely bookshelf styling…and pops of neon pink!