More bookshelf styling.  Weekend “DIY” – restyle your shelves?  (Clean them while you’re at it. :-))  As they say, a change is as good as a holiday!

Another great way to add some colour.


Photo from Ikea.

Built ins are always worth it…also loving this way of bringing in grey rather than on the walls…and, a small spot behind the couch to work is also a great way to use your space if you don’t have an office per se!


via vt wonen

a treehouse for us ‘big’ kids

more pics here

tx seesaw

Cleverness.  :-)


Read Your Book Case – Studio Saporiti has created alphabetical and numerical bookshelf casings, which allows customers to choose individual letters to spell words, phrases and dates. 

I love it when shelving is incorporated into the architecture!  Mmm…bookshelf envy…

~ photo by Johan Fowelin of Marge Arkitekter’s Villa J via b-martin



Livraria da Vila bookstore in Brazil features creative doors made out of bookshelves.   

There’s some sort of awesomeness going on here. :-)  Don’t let a seemingly awkward space hold you back!

~ Swedish Interior Architect Carouschka Streijffert

From the home of food stylist Claire Stubbs…nicely done but it’s the rug and recurring blues that take this from nice to great. :-)  Check out the Marion House Book blog also for the awesome bathroom and the rest of the house!

~ Photo by Ashley Tonner via mimiandmegblog