fabulous! backyard room

sustainable garden shed / studio

tx desire to inspire!

oh hello the great outdoors.

on the design files today

Yes.  Corner bench seating and table and fireplace and … please come to my backyard. Stat.  Oh yeah – hold off on the rain though …

Aaaah.  The simplicity.  I’m dreaming of being outdoors as it continues to snow here in March!!

I love this view to the studio from the kitchen

in one of my fav buildings by elding oscarson

we live in an apartment and we are finally tackling the downstairs garden when you enter.

somehow it has taken a really long time to make it happen, but well, we are doing it. Nov 9th. By ourselves. This week I’m collecting garden inspiration.

And while we don’t quite have a secret garden (ok, we totally don’t!) I love everything this photo evokes.

“Come inside, it’s lovely and happy here”

image by curiousandthespecimen

tx shany for making it happen

ooh. feeling the need for a little garden / deck / roof terrace.

inspiration tx to marie claire maison

No back garden space? Why not create a mini planter garden around your house? Love it. :-)  (Taken with Instagram)

We used to have an outdoor shower in our roof terrace garden.  It was crazy (here in the Netherlands it is rarely warranted), hilarious (to imagine showering up there in full view), luxurious, a great conversation starter and most of all, cool. 

Outdoor shower? …  Cool. ;-)

~ via Lifestyle from Amsterdam to Marrakesh

balcony garden hideout jealousy!