“Its OK to not completely finish let the design evolve over time.” ~ Abigail Ahern

Hear hear Ms Ahern…we TOTALLY agree!  It’s never “finished” as we are never “finished”. :-)

i keep feeling like i’m making space for big (lovely ;) things…

good things are coming…if only you knew

tx april&may via > leftmyheartinparis

you can do anything, but not everything

(at least not at once ;)

another lesson for me


tip and I are working on apartment diet course as we speak.

amazing how something is growing from a small conversation a few years ago!

ps play our #apartmentdiet challenge with us – this week1 fix one thing

and tag our facebook page or on instagram with the hashtag #apartmentdiet

sound advice :) visualized by Wendy Macnaughton


Fortune & Love favour the Brave…indeed!

Yes…occasionally, we need to step all the way out of our comfort zone in order to reap the rewards! :-)  This, I know…


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great advice for the morning!

tx sass & bide