this living room makes me happy, but the before and after story makes me beam. and giggle.

read all about it here

design by Emily Henderson

The lovely Souraya from Binti Home came to photograph our house late last summer for Flair magazine … here are some photos she published on her blog today!

PS Google page translate is your friend!  ;-)

My real space – what the living room looks like when I’m writing in it… See all the crap hiding in the corner ;)

come play over on instagram – we can’t wait to see a bit of your real spaces.

i love walking through Susanna Vento‘s apartment

now on boligmagasinet

i find this really visually inspiring

– at photographer jakob nylund‘s home

more here


…and I think our houses / spaces are the same.


Great inspiration for those in need of desk/shelving and storage but not too much space! Seen at Home Hotel Buenos Aires

Ps apologies for dodgy photo

Our living room a few days ago. Ahhh
(one good reason to keep up with apartment dieting and moving stuff around is how good the apartment feels!!)

PS next step – art / shelving on wall behind couch

The end – all clean but of course we live here so there has to be stuff around the sink (still looking for the right shelving) …
But most importantly this is more than good enough!
All organized and a fun message for me and the mr (and the bathroom,