Apartment diet the middle- area in and around bathroom sink.

- clean (with love if you can ;)
– throw out junk
– put things in piles for keep, toss, donate and gift

2bags of garbage later…now onto organize and already designing products in my head for low tray organizers for the little cupboard

PS I can’t explain why but at this stage (or the one before) all your – well my – energy goes out the door and all I want to do is have a coffee and leave the stuff out there… So I’m just saying hey you it’s the last bit!! Finding that inner cheer leader blah is frankly a pain in the butt but a reward of coffee and E! after this does help a bit ;)

lovely vignettes at Michelle & Martin Nørbo’s house

tx missmoss

Coffee number 2 on a lazy summer day

it’s always hard to style a landing strip

loving today’s real spaces over at annette‘s

real space – annette‘s entry way and living room

real space kitchen gets the vogue/mario testino treatment

at sara jessica parker’s home

more here

PS see, everyone has toys everywhere with little kids ;)

love everything about this living room…

maybe i need these little shelves

via designfiles

simply diy necklaces / hooks

a good reminder for real space living

all you need is a hanger and a nail 


Real spaces: Living room at Anne‘s house

Anne, maybe you want to come and make mine? or house swap, or…

tx blackbird


- think freunde von freuden in Belgium, good coffee, good chat, and real spaces.

enjoy the look in

tx miss moss