Clever Solutions:

shelving / wine rack.

& what to do with ugly tiles – cover them with a fat ass rug ;)


chalkboard wall & shelving

My foyer right now.  I posted the same corner almost exactly two years ago as it was my favourite corner then…not much has changed but the process to get to this has taken 2 years and am getting happier with it every day…so, a little show & tell – like me, it has evolved and will continue to do so.  :-)

~ IKEA storage config inspired by A Weekday Carnival

simple ikea hack.

come live with me.


Another Fave on Instagram is @romana21s

…a peek into her real life spaces that are incredibly inspirational, especially if you are into B&W simplicity.

This is essentially kitchen “mess” that has been styled – so tell me, why does this look good?  Send in your thoughts!


via ikea family live

Malins just reminded me how much I LOVE string shelving!

we put up shelves!

by we i mean ‘he’. we will never have a diy tv program together but hey that’s not the point. the point is we have new shelves! and there is no junk on top of the fridge.

next step…those magetic knife holder-things and a few hooks

yay! and bring on shelving in our place…it’s on the list of the last (main) bits to do.

fun interior with dark shelving.

and more polka dot lighting. soon i’ll have to get my own ;)


I’m looking for shelving inspiration to fill our nook.

I think this is what we need.