Hello again toast!


toast spring summer 2012

Lovin these dark cosy winter rooms…


(via winter colors | the style files)

Something else to do with felted balls – make a colourful wreath!  :-)

Learn how to make them from pickles

~via style files 

From last year but I do like a garland…you could also decorate a tree with this…then use it later for something else…rather than keeping them in a box for a year!

~ via style files via Down to the Woods (buy a garland from them or make one yourself!)

Oops, I lied but these are adorable…aah…so many ideas and only 5 days to go!  Aaaarrrggghhhh! I guess I could just buy them from Dreamy Whites

~ yep, via style files

OK, last one, I promise…

…for the night that is.  Ha!

~ again via style files via emma via bo bedre…

Oooh…more Christmas via style files via basic label sweden

Mmm…hello winter…


I want a blanket like this!!!

The simplicity of this reminds me of all that is important in making a home.  :-)

~ A very small house in Uruguay via style files

Cute idea.  :-) 

~via style files