Bathroom Warmth

A very easy way to add warmth to a too white/cold bathroom.

Lovely white loveliness


Amazing white

From one of my favouritest (is that a word?!) apartments – go to the blog post so see which it is!


So wonderfully white

Mini breakfast bar. Like.

As Abigail says, play with scale and it will take your interior straight to glam!  (Or something like that, I can’t really remember exactly what she said but you get my drift.)


Hello Light, I Love You!!!!

Oooh – I want one of those no U-turn signs…hmm…don’t really want to steal one of course…I wonder where you can buy them? 

~ via stilinspiration

* update:  this is stylist Paulina Arcklin‘s old apartment in Helsinki – she now lives in Amsterdam…can’t wait to see what she does with a typical Amsterdam apartment!*

Another white chair love…anyone else obsessed by white chairs as much as I am?! ;-)

~ again via Sarah Kaye Represents; photo by Nato Welton

Computer desk and chair love!

~ via Sarah Kaye Represents gallery; photo by Nato Welton

Cute idea.  :-) 

~via style files