All you need is less – via

“Don’t complain, make things better”

Great advice and inspiration for us all! For our homes, work & lives.

Be inspired by Swiss Miss’ story on design sponge:

#2. Place a Bouquet of Flowers on the Table and Everything Will Taste Twice as Good

— From Michael Pollan‘s new edition of Food Rules, illustrated by Maira Kalman

go on, make some magic


i keep feeling like i’m making space for big (lovely ;) things…

good things are coming…if only you knew

tx april&may via > leftmyheartinparis

you can do anything, but not everything

(at least not at once ;)

another lesson for me


they have a word for it!

nevver > Yugen

…and I think our houses / spaces are the same.


you create beauty. you do.

tx stil