Abigail Aherns Bedroom?

I can’t believe that Abigail Ahern’s bedroom used to look like this but it just goes to show you how our style evolves as we evolve. It’s perfectly normal and actually would be weird if it didn’t. Nothing wrong with this bedroom either though it might make her cringe these days! Interesting, huh?

A different (& lovely) way of displaying your art on those bookshelves you’ve emptied (never would happen at our house, I can’t seem to let go of all my books!).

~ via Abigail

Was at Abigail’s recently – loving her new bedroom (we were asked not to take photos so here’s the photo from her new book that’s out soon)!

“Its OK to not completely finish let the design evolve over time.” ~ Abigail Ahern

Hear hear Ms Ahern…we TOTALLY agree!  It’s never “finished” as we are never “finished”. :-)

Abigail nailed it this morning with her before and after of a Nate Berkus space.  Check out her blog for more.  Love this.

At the lovely Abigail’s house…how to make dog leads look cool! :-)

You’ve probably seen this a million times before but did you know that Abigail’s “library” wallpaper is covering hidden storage?  Clever clever lady…

~photo at Abigail’s of course!

Kelly Wearstler’s hall…it certainly has a wow factor, whether you love it or hate it…and every home needs a bit of wow in my opinion.

Head over to the Oct 2011 issue of Vogue for the complete tour, and also check out the outtakes, which are only available online.

~ via Abigail

A few blousy blooms, tealights, nice decanters and bottles and voila!  Lovely bar for the party season.

~ in Abigail’s kitchen

Excuse the happy snaps quality of this shot, but loving the idea of using your jewellery for wrapping napkins in.

Thank you Abigail for such a lovely masterclass day full of top tips (& just a wee bit of snooping!)

Sorry folks for the lack of posts…the apt diet girls are travelling!