Advent time of year

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As we near December I’ve also got advent calendars on my mind…I keep saying each year that I will do something so the kids can enjoy this lovely tradition in the run up to Christmas but I have yet to do it. This year will be different (she says). So, a couple of pictures via a merry mishap from last year to start getting me inspired to try my hand at a little advent DIY. What are your traditions around this time of year?

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One more advent inspiration photo from A Merry Mishap’s blog – cause, you know, she’s awesome and all.  :-)  This geometric shapes DIY is by her guest blogger Deborah (@apieceofcake82 on Instagram).

Would LOVE to see yours – please photo reply if you’d like to share!

BTW – there’s a honeycomb paper pompom/ball craze going on on Instagram. I think I may need to splurge on one or two!

I can’t believe it’s Dec 11 already, but better late than never, right?   Right?

A little advent calendar inspiration from another favourite, A Merry Mishap