A sneaky peek from Pia Jane Bijkerk’s new book “Little Treasures” – please take a moment to see if you can support her self publishing efforts in time for Mother’s day:


If you’ve never heard of Pia (really, are you serious?! ;-)) then her blog is a wonderful place to start.

Good luck Pia – we are supporting you!

I am a book junkie. Lots of inspiration & definitely many many interiors books (this is just one of many shelves)!

What’s your favourite interiors book & why? Let us know!

What a cute idea!


Read. Everywhere.


My hubby just picked up Shannon Fricke’s new book How to decorate when he was in Australia recently – love love love the book of course but was especially pleased to see our home story on the left of her computer on the moodboard page – we’ve been immortalised in print.  Hahahahaha!  Happy weekend folks.

Not entirely useful if you have more than like 10 books but…cool!


Customizable Letter Shelves

i. want. this. louise roe. pillow. now.

I love it when shelving is incorporated into the architecture!  Mmm…bookshelf envy…

~ photo by Johan Fowelin of Marge Arkitekter’s Villa J via b-martin

suitcase bookshelf!

suitcase bookshelf!