spring styling at it’s best – bookshelf porn & florals 

ps yes, one more of justina‘s…she’s just so good!!!

loving this (almost) real space…filled bookcases, couches you could actually sit on…

and well, i guess i always wanted a ladder ;)

tx d2i

a bit of bookshelf porn

from the house/workspace of bart & pieter


Bookshelf made from pallets.  Nice idea!

~via Pinterest…which I am currently stalking! :-)

Not entirely useful if you have more than like 10 books but…cool!


Customizable Letter Shelves



Niko Economids

product designer based out of New York active in the field of product, furniture, and lighting design

the read-unread bookshelf is constructed of leather straps hung across supports, it physically weighs the balance of books that have been read, against those yet to be read

suitcase bookshelf!

suitcase bookshelf!

a ladder for the kitchen cupboards, not just a bookshelf

(i was SURE I had made up this idea but I guess it’s out there ;))

d-house renovation on design milk