For something different – store your current mags on skirt hangers!  :-)

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Did you notice the books?  Not at first right?  Smoke & mirrors…this is really clever in my book. (pun intended!)

Lovely white loveliness


Amazing white


Love. It. All.


Thought I’d let you in on my most recent interiors stalking device – Instagram!!!

Deborah @apieceofcake82 is one of my faves – she’s a master at B&W and simple Scandi style (a la A Merry Mishap).  This is her styling of her son’s birthday party – can you believe it?!?!  Awesome.

If you’re not on Instagram you can also check out webstagram to view her pics on your computer.  Happy stalking!!!

Love the neutral/soft colours…while bright colours are in, I am much more in favour of colours that don’t smack you in the face! Perhaps I’m just trying to offset all of my kids’ brightly coloured toys, clothes and other stuff!  ;-)

“Enjoy the simple things…”


Fortune & Love favour the Brave…indeed!

My B&W love continues…

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Illuminating the photo…nice.

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I spy…DIY!  ;-)  Well, perhaps not but you could…


Black and white poka dot lanterns!