We harp on about art but truly, art is what takes your space to the next level AND it’s a wonderful way to put your own personal stamp on your home with something that makes you smile!  With so much good yet affordable art these days, change it around when you want.  Easy peasy! ;-)


via design sponge

If you don’t like your black office chair, how about polka dots?  Go on, try it, you might like it (and going to work a bit more)!

I’ve noticed and am loving these little notes in design sponge house tours!

What I/we love about our house…

tx design sponge! You’ve inspired me to do this too!

And you, what do you love about your house?

Oooh…maybe I can do this with my chalkboard wall?  Hmm…

Cute, romantic and quirky…the little message in the middle makes this space!  Check out Lara Collins space via a Design Sponge sneak peek & her vintage finds on etsy.