Friday Faves – Viaggio


How was your week? We’ve been busy behind the scenes with clients, visioning for 2015 and ecourse prep so it’s been quiet on the blog. But we haven’t forgotten about you!

Below are some links from our internet travels this week to inspire you over the weekend.

Happy weekend,

Nat + Tip

Perfect- French-Kitchen-Joseph-Dirand-via Remodelista- Apartmentdiet

Friday Faves: DIY Geometric Floors, Ikea Hacks + Mmmmm

…And suddenly it’s the weekend again!

What are you doing? Tip and I are going to be hanging with family and friends over food (and coffee!). We’re also giving our heads a break after a busy week filled with the excitement of releasing our ecourse to the world “5 weeks to a Happy Home and cooking up more courses and plans for 2015. Hope you have a lovely weekend – and these links give you a lovely dose of inspiration, too!

xo Nat (& Tip)

And just in case those links weren’t enough…

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Genius diy ikea hack – add leather handles to ikea besta … Beautiful
Tx to klijn’s Pinterest

Hello PRETTY storage!

Weekday carnival’s genius Ikea Hack

for their kids room

– they bought 35cm kitchen cabinets and mounted them this way.

(and gorgeous string shelving next to it ;)

simple ikea hack.

come live with me.


GENIUS expedit hack. GENIUS!

here’s how

tx jess

lovely storage wall by shareen joel

(ikea hack?)

Note to self: this is your august project for apartment!!!

tx orly

clever cloud rug for a kids room by Pilepoil

…and if you can’t afford the real thing I spy DIY

(cheap ikea rug hack anyone?)…think of all the shapes your kids would love!

tx swiss-miss

diy coloured hangers –

the geniusness keeps coming!!

(i spy an ikea hack for the weekend, with some sample pots mmm)

tx apartment therapy & design love fest

Cute IKEA hack…from baby change station to a little wee shoppe! :-)

~via mondocherry