Hanging Planters


When I saw this month’s theme for Urban Jungle Bloggers I got a bit excited as I thought it would be a great reason for me to get my craft on and create my very own hanging planter … well, February whizzed by and besides spending the last week painting my attic floor, no other house relating things happened! I DID go to IKEA (on Valentine’s Day no less – so romantic!) and picked myself up a number of new plant friends, including … wait for it … a hanging planter and little vine thingy, ‘just in case’:

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I quite like it, I have to say. Let’s see how long it survives, as I am not known for my green thumb. I never let it stop me though, I just buy new plants when the old ones die!

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lovely styling

No back garden space? Why not create a mini planter garden around your house? Love it. :-)  (Taken with Instagram)

caroline gomez leather pot plant suspenders

SO cool! I WANT!!! (very early xmas pressie perhaps?)

tx miss moss

PS reminds me a bit of pigeontoeceramics stuff

i believe plants (and paint) are the quickest way to change up your space & inject something fresh & new…and today I’m loving this simple addition of paper & string

styled by elle interior via trendey

simple diy idea, perfect for spring.

buy little plants and wrap in newspaper. mmmm

happy spring (& easter & passover and anything else you celebrate)


elle decor italia mar 2011

tx insideinside

bench with plant. simple. effective.

via deconet

bench with plant. simple. effective.

via deconet

Now I don’t have a green thumb but I think I could do these.

(Well they are beautiful!)

Also suitable for displaying your favourite (small) treasures.

~ Roost Copenhagen Terrariums via Velocity Art & Design