This is from the Atlantic at Byron Bay (Australia) – designed, I believe, by one of my faves, Shannon Fricke.  I’m not sure if it’s tile or wallpaper on the island but I think it’s pure genius…wallpaper could be changed more often but then you’d have to use the kind that is OK with water…anyway, love it!

Things have changed a little in the last 2 or 3 years… the second picture was taken on a sunnier day but actually, regardless of that, the house feels lighter & brighter now. Thanks to inspiring ideas from the awesome Shannon Fricke and rolling up my sleeves and getting into the DIY!

~ 2nd photo by Souraya @Bintihome

My hubby just picked up Shannon Fricke’s new book How to decorate when he was in Australia recently – love love love the book of course but was especially pleased to see our home story on the left of her computer on the moodboard page – we’ve been immortalised in print.  Hahahahaha!  Happy weekend folks.

The top floor of Shannon’s work space … check out the rest of the house too as it’s just as awesome…so relaxing and inspiring!


via the design files

Shannon Fricke studio in Byron Bay

My inspiration – looking forward to working with Shannon

My inspiration – looking forward to working with Shannon