Shelf Style

Nice styling by Alvem Makleri on what are normally fairly bland/boring shelves. The tricks in play are grouping of similar colours of books, varying the height along the shelves, a mix of textures and items to tantalise the eye (I’m starting to sound like Ms Ahern!) and a bit of negative (empty) space so each grouping/item can breathe. Oh – and hiding all the REALLY ugly stuff in cool boxes!



via alvhem makleri

Local Harvest Collective botanical


The botanical of the week is inspired by Spring and the need for more green in life.

Monsteria foliage that will grow their own roots in water and last forever (Matisse was crazy about them) kept company by a few dancing sweet spring jonquils grown at a private residence in Dural.

Mmmm simple. Good.

Loving this styling of jewelry on wooden shoe molds, on stripes #styling #telaviv #jaffo



lovely styling

More clever ideas in this months’s Trendenser magazine.

We love Emily Henderson here at apartmentdiet and just wanted to share one of her video styling series with you.  How to style your mantle 101 – go check it out.

BTW – what’s in this picture may not be your style but let me assure you, her tips will work regardless of your taste.  :-)

There be some #styling going on at my place. ;-) #interiors #vignette (Taken with Instagram)

Lovely bookshelf styling…and pops of neon pink!

More bookshelf styling.  Weekend “DIY” – restyle your shelves?  (Clean them while you’re at it. :-))  As they say, a change is as good as a holiday!