During our 1-on-1 coaching & eCourses some folk finish a room, others 2 or 3…and others their whole house. Have a look at some of their results below.

You may also enjoy reading about the full house transformation of one of our course participants, complete with pictures: “Apartment diet, a new me”

Are you wondering where all the “stuff” in the before photos go?

One of the things we focus on teaching you is to understand why you keep stuff. From there we give you the tools and “the freedom and relief” to make better decisions about what you want to keep.

So where does it go? It gets moved to a more appropriate place in the home, re-gifted, recycled, donated or sold. As a result, most people also ‘make money’ when they follow our course. (Below is a pic by a course participant who “found the equivalent to £300“)

make money

Still here? Then what are you waiting for? Take 5 minutes now and remove one thing from that pile. Just start with a corner.

Or, hire us and we’ll show you how.