Catherine’s story:

“In 5 weeks I achieved more than in 2 years!!!

It isn’t just about clearing and tidying it goes deeper than that.

I didn’t realise how much of the ‘excess’ stuff played in my mind. I got so much out of it.

The course released me from the burden and so far everything I’ve got rid of I haven’t thought about once!!

I’ve done this course and recommend it to anyone. It really helped me see why I struggled to let go of stuff…my house feels lighter and so does my head.”


House sold within a week:

“Saturday we had our first viewer, and he liked it so much he put in an offer!  Thank you both so much for all your help with the apartment diet, I really couldn’t have done it without you.”


“My biggest problem was making decisions and spending money…I was unsure of how I needed help … but keen to get my space sorted.

What you have done for me is to ‘RETHINK’ my space. My space was beautiful in bits but as a whole it wasn’t all together…you helped me with that. Now my living room has a sense of harmony.”


Dear Nat & Tip,
I am so grateful to you at Apartment Diet for helping me see where the energy was stuck in my home.  Ever since I took your course (now it has been 8 months), I have loved my home so much more. It took time for me to integrate the changes I wanted to, and there is still more to be done; however, when people visit they say it’s a place filled with “hope” and “happiness.” Thank you!


“A course you don’t want to miss. I learn to let go from so many things I didn’t want or used in my home, things that I had for 10 years or more…It’s like a diet for your home and soul.

Your course helped me a lot. I’ve changed a lot of the corners of my house and I was the type of person that holds on to things but now if I know I’m not going to use it I gave it to another person or to the thrash, so thank you!!”


“The Apartment Diet course made me address my embarrassing corners of mess in our apartment. It gave me the inspiration to conquer them and create a more calm and soothing space that I love being in!”


“You’re so not a diet, you’re a smorgasbord of goodness.”