We offer a range of online courses that guide you in transforming your home:

  • Proven eCourses to transform your spaces and lives
  • Understand your relationship with stuff so that you can deal with it (not the symptoms)
  • Relief from overwhelm & decision paralysis
  • Simple, step by step process
  • Motivation, inspiration & structure that get you unstuck…moving & complete
  • Access to private Forums, private Skype consultations and a dose of ‘magic’

We are currently The course costs $199 and lasts 5 weeks.

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We also offer custom 1-on-1 coaching delivered in person and/or via email & Skype.

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before after apartment diet ecourse 1

“A diet for your home and your soul.” – M.R

“I achieved more in 5 weeks than 2 years!!! The whole house has changed since…and I’m loving the freedom from all the clutter and everything that is the past.” – C.C

We offer a range of eCourses designed to free you from clutter and stress, give you back your free time and get you to a happier, healthier home that reflects your personality and those you share it with:

  • 5 Weeks to a Happy Home – a deep declutter & then some
  • Finishing Touches – how to get unstuck & finish that room
  • Rental Revamp – tips & tricks that don’t cost the earth but will transform your rental
  • The Wardrobe diet – making space in your closet & making the most of your wardrobe
  • Partners Course – how to start with your own stuff & pave the way

For more photos and stories, check out our before & after gallery and testimonial sections, or read our FAQ below.



How do our eCourses work?

5 Weeks to a Happy Home

We give you the structure and motivation you need across 5 weeks to transform at least a room, if not your whole house. The best part of this course is being able to do it with a great community of folks from around the world in a private space on Flickr “where the magic happens”.  We are also there to guide you every step of the way.

What do you receive each week?

  • Twice weekly emails filled with tips, tasks & inspiration. All tools are low tech, though we will ask you to share photos taken with a smart phone/digital camera.
  • Access and connection to an amazing community of people supporting each other in a private space on Flickr complete with forums for discussion.

We provide you with all our tips & tools in a handy PDF to refer back to once your course is done.

What’s the time and money commitment?
As far as time commitment, at a minimum set aside 1-2 hours per week.Money wise, we assure you that aside from the odd recommendation to buy house plants or paint we are not here to encourage you to spend more money. People who have done our courses or work with us typically ‘make money’. How? Both from the time they save and the money they find or make (by selling things) during the de-cluttering process. The picture above was taken by one of our recent participants.We understand that money can be a hurdle but we also know it’s often used to mask a fear of the changes we know we need to make.Ultimately, we’re here to guide you to just start having fun with your spaces and get your homes feeling happier and more like “you”!

Finishing Touches – how to get unstuck & finish that room

You’ve started something and you’re ready but you’re stuck.

This course runs across two weekends and is designed to get you to the finish line on a space you’ve started on already. Sometimes things stall because life gets in the way. More often than not, we’re also ‘stuck’ on a small step or decision which stalls everything else.  We are here to empower you to remove the blocks, make those decisions and move your room forward until you’re “done”.

Rental Revamp – Tips & tricks that don’t cost the earth but will transform your space
It’s often a challenge to make a rental space your own, particularly if you can’t or don’t want to spend a lot. Set over two weeks and focusing on one room, we help you learn seemingly simple stylist’s tips and tricks that will totally transform your space, and assist you in taking your rental from meh to “me”!

The Wardrobe Diet – sorting out your closet is the best first step

Experts agree that most people only use about 10% of their wardrobe – we want to help you to change that. There’s no point using precious square meters storing things that you never use. Like everything else in life, our closets need to move with us but often there’s no time, no energy or no idea how to get that wardrobe de-cluttered and organised. This is where we come in. We will share wardrobe organising tips and ideas on how to update your look to reflect who you are now, across a long weekend.

Partners Course – how to start with getting your own stuff in order & paving the way

This course came about as we have had so many partners of clutterbugs request it! Unfortunately we cannot change other people but we can change ourselves, so this course is designed to teach you how to pave the way and inspire change around your home – just by starting and looking at things a little differently, we can help you get your space in better shape, when most of the “stuff” isn’t yours.

What is our cancellation and refund policy?

We know things happen so we are happy to provide refunds up to 5 days before the course start date, or if you prefer, you can have a credit for our next course. We’d love you to join us whenever you’re ready.
I’m interested – how do I sign up?

Connect with us here and let us know you’re interested or book into one of our coaching services now.