We realised, over the past 5 years while working on our homes and guiding others to do the same, that we had happened on some simple rules and ‘secrets’ for creating a happy healthy home.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find them easily described or listed anywhere, so we focused on distilling our thinking and lessons learned into: simple, practical, easy to use rules to transform your homes. We’ve rolled these into our courses and coaching services but now we want to take this further, extending our own list of rules into a book we’re calling Happy House Rules, so that everyone can share in the collective wisdom.

Over the next year we plan to ask designers, bloggers and grandmothers to share their favourite simple Happy House wisdom. We will also ask them to share both their favourite and least favourite corners in their homes – their least favourite so that we can help them apply the rules to it and their most so we can show off these rules in action.

We’ll also feature them on our blog so everyone can learn from these rules.

Have some Happy House Rules to share? We’d love you to contribute.

PS If you are in the publishing industry and this book sounds perfect for your publishing house, we’d love to connect with you and get this book out there in 2014! Please get in touch.