Let Go Of Things That Make You Feel Bad

good vibes

If I asked you right now, do you want good vibes in your home you’d probably say “of course”.

So I’ll ask you this, why are you letting things that give you bad vibes stay in your home?

lifes to short for bad vibes


You could give me a lot of excuses I’m sure.

I say, they’re just excuses. Life is too short to have bad vibes because of an object.


So take those unwanted bad vibe things kicking about your house (for starters) and remove them.

Let them go with a clear conscience, and then clean and clear the space they were hanging out in properly (maybe even light a candle to burn those bad vibes away!).

Not convinced? Keep reading below… otherwise, what are you waiting for? Bad vibes be gone!


never apologize


OK, let’s think a bit deeper on the effect of these bad vibey things, shall we?

At Apartment Diet we talk a lot about feelings, how our spaces / environments make us feel, how our stuff makes us feel. Basically the atmosphere in a space. There is also the interaction between us, our own feelings and moods, and the environment to consider.

This is not just something we’ve made up. It’s covered in thousands of psychology studies showing the power of our environment and it’s cues on our mood and behaviour. An extreme case in point, the Standford Prison Experiment

In short, we frequently forget how our environment affects our mood and behaviour (and vice versa – yes, it’s a bit of a circle you’ll find yourself in if you ignore it!).

So I’d like to put an idea out there for you. Your physical space has an impact on your mood and behaviour. Your home has an impact on your mood and behaviour. Objects in your home have an impact on your mood and behaviour. It may be subtle so you’ll have to actively observe this. (It’s a good exercise to practice in any space that you walk into too, to observe how a space makes you feel and try to figure out why.)

Now, most of us have objects around our house that have energy or feelings attached (i.e. objects we feel strongly about). Some are good feelings, great even. Others neutral, for example, I don’t have many feelings about our cutlery but I like that we can eat happy meals with it.

Then there are those objects that we are DEFINITELY not neutral about. Those little or big things that make us feel bad. We think – oh, they are just things.

Yup. That’s right. They ARE things. Just simple inanimate objects.


So I ask you, why are you keeping some thing, in your personal space, that makes you feel bad?

You can tell me it was a gift – but I don’t believe a person wants you to feel bad about a gift.

It could be a million other reasons but really, why are you keeping some thing that makes you feel bad?

Our happy house rule for the week is to get rid of those bad vibes.

Now this step is important, clean the area once you’ve removed the things and put something healthy and happy there BUT clean clean clean first. Light a candle if you have to, open windows, place some fresh flowers or a green plant there for a while to make it a new fresh space…

At the end of the day life’s too short to let stuff give you anything but good vibes. So, even if someone gave it to you, it’s still just stuff, weighs on your mood, your life and your sub-conscience (yes, unfortunately even if you hide it in a cupboard, your subconscious still remembers).

So go on, let, it, go! And let the good vibes roll.


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