The long lasting effects of Apartment Diet

The other week this email popped into my inbox:
Apartment diet before and after

“The long lasting effects of Apartment Diet”

Subject: “The long lasting effects of Apartment Diet”
Dear Nat & Tip,
*please use this as a testimonial* (with my name, gladly)
I am so grateful to you at Apartment Diet for helping me see where the energy was stuck in my home. ¬†Ever since I took your course (now it has been 8 months), I have loved my home so much more. It took time for me to integrate the changes I wanted to, and there is still more to be done; however, when people visit they say it’s a place filled with “hope” and “happiness.” Thank you!
Shannon Walbran, spiritual consultant
Receiving this email made me sing…and then I didn’t share it. I got stuck. I didn’t know how to share it…I guess I was scared. Scared the changes in the photo were too subtle.
This week I feel differently. This week I realised ‘Shannon emailed us, without us asking her to, to tell us we had gotten her unstuck and helped her create lasting changes! And even though she is still in the process (who isn’t?) her space feels better. Everything is already better.’
This week something shifted. We may be at the beginning of our journey as apartment diet the business but I’m really proud of our work – we guide people to make lasting change in their lives, by changing their spaces. It works! Our processes work! Shannon is just one example and I am so glad she let us guide her.
So this week I’d like to challenge you with the #happyhouserules to “celebrate your successes” in changing your space – no matter how small it feels. Some teeny corners are awfully huge emotionally. So, go on, take a picture of a change you’ve made & tag us so we can celebrate with you.

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