DIY art – print your own photos for less than $20!

created by grey+scout style for the inspiration & how-to


1. Order an oversized print of a photo you’ve already taken (this one is 20 x 30 that I took with my iPhone camera and filtered with Camera+)

2 I ordered my print atShutterfly on sale for $11.

3. Have Home Depot cut a piece of plywood down to the exact size of the photo.

4. Lightly sand the sides with fine sandpaper. Seal the sides with any clear wood sealant. Screw two d-rings into back of plywood about 1/4 the way down, 2 inches from the side, one on each side.

5. Thread picture frame wire through the d-rings. Line each side of plywood (to the edge) with 3/4 inch double-sided permanent tape. Place photo on top of tape.

It cost me a total of $20 and took me a total of 20 minutes (not including sealant drying time). For all the wedding and baby canvas lovers, this is a way more budget friendly idea. Somethin’ to think about.

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