Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a lovely year filled with happiness. Any resolutions that you’d care to share? For me, I’m focused on appreciating the every day, reading more fiction and showing more of the real me in my (creative) work. There’s a lot in store on the AD front, once Nat returns from maternity leave. Watch this space! :-)



  1. Hello lovely ladies and a big Happy New Year to you both and your gorgeous fams.

    No New Years Resolutions perse but some promises to myself and others. We are starting with dry January, so no alcohol at all for the whole month! Waaaaa We will donate the amount we’d have consumed to a charity.

    Other than that I just promise myself to get my house more and more in order and looking more like I want it to. Definitely on the right track with your help from last year. So thanks again for that. As well as having some quality family time and taking more holidays with them and short breaks to have fun.

    My aim is to take more photographs of my son and husband and also to blog more. The shop is next on my list to get a hit. Hoping for a re-design and just to get my head stuck in it a lot more rather than just letting it sail along because I have too many other things to do! It’s hopefully going to be a busy year. Here’s to a fab 2014 to everyone. x

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