Hello fellow Architecture Blogger, I need your help. We need to get Architecture in that damn explore page. The new explore system in tumblr is an automated system that includes the ‘popular’ topics. The only way these topics can be popular is for people to track them. You can track Architecture through -> http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/architecture (click track tag) The more people track this tag, the higher the chances we get Architecture in the explore page. So please, help me get the word around. Get your followers informed about this and together, we can have our rightful place in that explore page. Thank you very much for your participation, Ace PS. Tag your new posts with ‘Architecture’ so it gets included in the track page.

hey Ace!

We just saw realised we never replied to this!

But indeed have been tagging our posts architecture where possible…& are tracking this tag

Let us know if there is anything we can do – we’d love to share our stuff with a wider audience

have a great weekend!

Nat & Tip

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