I have Kids and their play area is in our living room, we struggling to find an idea to store all the toys away in the living room without ruining the look of the room. We like simplistic smooth lines look with monchromal colours and we really want to hide the toys. Hope you can help as I sure many people struggle with the same problem

Ah…the age old kids toys in the living room problem. ;-) I know exactly what you mean. The first step is to be really honest about what you need or even which toys need to be in the living room at any one time – this is the hardest part. Once you have cleared out old, broken, redundant toys, look at what’s left to figure out what sort and size of storage you’ll need. Depending on your available space (and budget of course!), you could consider anything from a large cabinet to bespoke storage built into an unused nook.  These days, there are a lot of really cool  monochromatic kids’ furniture but any type of storage would pretty much work, so long as it’s big/tall enough.  Also remember that any storage you choose to build in is unlikely to have toys in it forever, in case you wanted to invest in that. We have replaced sofas with bench seats with large drawers underneath (IKEA kids furniture actually as it suited our budget but still looks great if you choose white rather than pink or blue for example!)…often you’ll have to make a compromise, even if just for a few years. The key is to include storage as part of your design in any room – often people only consider it as an afterthought. I hope this helps. If you need more, email me your room and I can give you some quick suggestions. 

Good luck!



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