A new book via the good humoured folks at unhappyhipsters:

UH Family,

Guess what!?  We wrote a book. (Just for you!)

We know, we know…blog-to-book is so 2009. But wait! Before you go pshawing our new creation, know this: the Unhappy Hipsters book is different. This isn’t just a facsimile of the website. Nope, this is all new stuff.

The captions and photos you’ve come to love and cherish are there (including brand new photos and side-clutching captions, plus some UH favorites for the OG fans) but we’ve widened our ironic oeuvre to create a true guidebook for life in the modern world—from kitchens to kitsch to kids.

It’s Lonely in the Modern World is full awesome tips on how to turn your ho-hum house into a pinnacle of modern design, with just a few swaths of white paint and a rough concrete floor (plus or minus a baby with an affected first name). For the cost of four soy lattes, you can too can be modern.

Or, let our publisher, Chronicle Books, explain it to you:

True modernity requires much more than discipline, vision, and a willingness to live without upper kitchen cabinets. It’s Lonely in the Modern World outlines exactly what’s required to achieve sleek design and the requisite ennui. From the creators of the wildly popular Web site Unhappyhipsters.com, this essential guide is for today’s hipsters what The Official Preppy Handbook was for prepsters. The authors advise on a number of topics. Readers will learn how to navigate the vast array of concrete finishes and plywood grades, accessorize with children and pets, opine with authority on rooflines. Featuring detailed illustrations, beautifully staged photos, and helpful charts, this master manual is perfect for aspiring modernists, those who love them, and, of course, those who love to hate them.”

We’ll be previewing the book here in the coming weeks for our loyal web readers and letting you know when we’ll be in your town for exclusive book signings (with awesome free gifts!). Speaking of which, anyone have a spare sofa bed in San Francisco?



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