Does your apartment or home need a diet?

We’ve spent the last three years working on our spaces, and helping others along the way. Now it’s your turn.

Join our Apartment Diet Online Course

– the next course starts June 17th.

It’s time to confront your mess. Address your ever-changing needs, embarrassments or new spaces…those to-do lists that never got done. Rather than be overwhelmed we say ‘start with a corner’, and we spend 5 weeks helping you not just declutter, but deal with the why of clutter, to get it ‘done’ and create happy, healthy homes that are a reflection of you.

Early bird special: 2 for 1 

Register with a friend and each pay 50%. Offer ends May 24th

PS Is it really possible to change so much in 5weeks? Absolutely.

You don’t just have to take our word for it. A few participants have written about the course: here, here & here.

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