Our New (Blog) Home

gabriela herman_beetlebung farm

Sometimes, it’s not enough to change around what’s inside, sometimes you have to physically move to a new place…

It’s something we all know, and it’s something working with eCourse participants and clients has continually reminded us of…

After happily blogging over at Tumblr for 3.5 years we out grew our blog. We needed to find a home that allowed us a better structure to share more: more stories & conversations, before and afters…more lessons, tips and tricks…and more of what our blog has evolved to: a small business guiding you to healthier, happier, de-cluttered homes.

We choose WordPress and today we officially moved in!

Like with all big moves it’s still a work in progress, but what isn’t? So…

Welcome to our new blog & website!

We invite you to have look around. Check out our menu to find out more about us and our little business. You can now also subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our news and courses (we promise never to spam you).

You’ll still find us on Tumblr (we love our tumblr community!) but we’ll be more image focused over there. You’ll also find us hanging out on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and of course, here, on our new blog & website!

We hope you like it!

xo Tip & Nat

PS Let us know what you think, or just say hi, via the comments :)

photo credit: gabriela herman, beetlebung farm


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