Our Top 7 Unkillable Indoor Plants + The Ultimate Desk Plants

Apropos to our post on decorating with plants I promised you guys a list about our favourite air purifying, black thumb resistant, healthy lush unkillable indoor plants to which I’ve added my ultimate office plants.

Indoor Plants For Stress Relief Skinny Laminx Paradise Is Here

“The next time you’re feeling frazzled by the city, look around you for a plant…And for that moment, enjoy the gift of feeling paradise right there with you.” – Skinny Laminx Paradise is Here collection

So. Decorate your home and office with real, live plants.

Why did I add office plants? I suddenly remembered this email I received and answered earlier in the year:

Nat, What is the ultimate desk plant for work?

Time for a little desk transformation and office politics detox. – Tx C

So I rolled the two into one blogpost with a humongous title. Because decorating with indoor plants is a small change that makes a HUMONGOUS difference to our lives and is such an easy way to transform your home and office life!

Not only do living plants look great, I truly believe they make you feel better and relieve stress, which in turn will likely make your work better. They also have the power to transform a space (someone once called visiting my desk in a shared workspace “a refreshing greenhouse”). If that’s all too existential, well, they also purify the air*.

And if I’m not convincing enough, this happy house rule is backed by science. Even NASA agrees:

“NASA researchers suggest efficient air cleaning is accomplished with at least one plant per 100 square feet of home or office space.”

NASA Clean Air Study

For those of us spending way to much time in urban environments, I’d say that’s a reason enough. But just in case, let me bamboozle you with one more pretty picture:

Unkillable Indoor Plants tfad

Can you tell this is one of my favourite happy house (and office) rules?

So, without further ado here is my ultimate list of unkillable indoor green plants for your home and desk:

  1. Money plant / Golden Pothos: my fav. because it doesn’t need natural light or much water but looks good – the leaves are even heart shaped!
  2. Areca Palm: lush but recommended in lighter/brighter spaces
  3. ZZ Plant
  4. Mother in law’s tongue
  5. Peace Lily
  6. Fiddle Leaf Tree: I have it as 6 because it’s big. Like all the others it thrives from neglect, needs watering every two weeks and only needs indirect sunlight.
  7. Succulents: I love them, but recommend being careful with the spiky ones especially in office spaces ;)

In addition to being pretty and air purifying, all of these have the added benefit of being low maintenance and able to cope with a more than a bit of neglect.

Ultimate Office Desk Plant

So now you have no excuses. Use our list to go buy yourself a simple air purifying unkillable indoor plant. Or 3. And add living green to transform those corners in your home or office space.

PS Don’t forget to tag us on twitter/instagram @apartmentdiet #plantchallenge if you want us to see what you’re doing with plants + possibly feature you in our feeds.

PPS *For those wanting more inspiration and science on benefits of plants in the office, watch this TEDTalk “How to grow your own fresh air”.

Ah plants, you’re awesome!

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  1. Very nice choice of plants, thanks for sharing! Choosing the right plants for the office is a very difficult tasks, because every flower I bring there dies twice as fast (probably from boredom), and the pot plants seem to ignore me giving them water and dry out pretty quickly. I even had a cactus plant once, which also dried (it was a very weird thing to see). I would be nice to find something durable which will bring some colour and oxygen to the room.


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