Raise your hand if you’re fascinated by the Royal’s fascinators? ME! The decorative headpieces are adorned and adored by the misses of monarchies including the Royal Wedding’s star: Princess Kate Middleton. The stunning beauty frequently dons elegant hair adornments, which the rest of the world is now taking to.

Be the Queen of Chic, and rule your court by creating a feather fascinator of your own. Twist sinamay trim with loops and swirls, while holding together as you go. Anyway you twist and turn it looks amazing. You can’t mess it up! Use a needle and thread (be sure you double your thread) to bind the sinamay together. Stitch in and out till the base is secure and knot. Place small amounts of glue onto the base of the feather trim, and place inside at the bottom of the fascinator so you can’t see the bottoms. Add as much or as little as you’d like. Glue a feather patch for a more dramatic effect. Flip over to the bottom an glue your hair comb onto the base (or use a headband). If its not sitting flat, or is a bit messy, glue a piece of felt or fabric to give it a more finished and clean look. Hold your hair comb till it dries completely, and you are ready for royalty! P.S.- All accouterments are available at M&J Trim.

too bad we don’t have an invitation. 

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