Starting & Finishing… & Happy 2012!

If you follow this blog you know we say “start with a corner”.

Well, Tip & I have also been talking about “finishing corners”.

In that vein we have spent the last month focusing on corners we want to finish – and making that happen.

No, we didn’t finish everything in time for the end of 2011…and that’s fine too. We started the process. We’ve finished some corners. We’re on the way. . And we hope you are too! (And it’s not to late for you to start finishing, you can always tell people it’s in time for Chinese New Year ;).

So again, thanks for being with us on this journey so far.

Blessings for a great end of 2011 and start to 2012!

See you in 2012,

Nat & Tip

PS You may have noticed a change in this blogs design – we decided to just “start” with the new blog theme we’ve been talking about for ages…because we want more space to write and interact with you all! Can’t wait to meet even more of you!

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