Berlin & The Hive Conference Here We Come



We are getting very excited to speak at The Hive Conference in Berlin!

It’s just around the corner (5 days and counting) and we’ll be running an awesome workshop sharing our simple tools to creating the life (home, work…all of it) you love! And we’re super proud to be amongst the amazing line up Dietlind Wolf, Chelsea Fuss (frolic!) and Alge Ramanauskiene (Llamas’ Valley) just to name a few (there’s so many more).

We’re also excited to do what we love most – eat and chat and explore a new city and have great conversations with like minded folks like you! And of course, drop us a line if you have recommendations for where we should go!

And, now, without further ado, here are our #40facts4TheHive


  1. We are both Australian
  2. We love food
  3. We LOVE coffee (it has to be good coffee)
  4. Brunch is nat’s fav meal
  5. 3pm “dinner” is tip’s
  6. Yoga is our exercise
  7. We get people started on their desired paths (career transition, home transition…life…)
  8. As coaches, we love helping you add simple tools, let go, live lighter and create the lives you love
  9. Launching our new business, Breathe & Shine in the coming months…
  10. Launching our first product a card pack filled with #20waystostart in the coming weeks
  11. We’re both MANY more than one thing:


  1.  Mama to two
  2.  Wifey to one
  3.  Lecturer in Finance at a top University
  4. Ex-Finance Consultant to big banks
  5.  Interiors Addict
  6. Based in Utrecht
  7. Team member CreativeMornings Utrecht
  8.  Renovator of countless homes most recently the one she lives in
  9.  Productivity expert
  10. House whisperer and healer
  11. I LOVE helping you BREATHE
  12.  Favourite signature rule for living lighter “If it’s takes 5 minutes, do it now”
  13. Minimalist/Maximalist? More maximalist but very to the point with words


  1. Mama to one
  2. Wifey to one Mr
  3. Ex Product/Brand Manager & UX Junkie @
  4. My first book, “The Wedding Virus and other Snippets” is out in May (argh!)
  5. Interiors addict
  6. Coffee addict
  7. Host CreativeMornings Tel Aviv (coming soon!)
  8. Pillow addict
  9. Interior curation, styling and decluttering (making space)…homes, offices…
  10. I love helping you SHINE
  11. Based in Tel Aviv
  12. Minimalist/Maximalist? More minimalist (except shoes, sunglasses & words)
  13.  Favourite signature rule for living lighter “Just start with a corner”


Stay tuned!

PS Final Fact: If you are around and interested we’re told there’s still a few tickets left: book here

PPS oops only 39 facts, we promise to share 1 more with anyone who comes to the Hive ;)

xo Tip & Natalie

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