Berlin & The Hive Conference Here We Come



We are getting very excited to speak at The Hive Conference in Berlin!

It’s just around the corner (5 days and counting) and we’ll be running an awesome workshop sharing our simple tools to creating the life (home, work…all of it) you love! And we’re super proud to be amongst the amazing line up Dietlind Wolf, Chelsea Fuss (frolic!) and Alge Ramanauskiene (Llamas’ Valley) just to name a few (there’s so many more).

We’re also excited to do what we love most – eat and chat and explore a new city and have great conversations with like minded folks like you! And of course, drop us a line if you have recommendations for where we should go!

And, now, without further ado, here are our #40facts4TheHive

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Hanging Planters


When I saw this month’s theme for Urban Jungle Bloggers I got a bit excited as I thought it would be a great reason for me to get my craft on and create my very own hanging planter … well, February whizzed by and besides spending the last week painting my attic floor, no other house relating things happened! I DID go to IKEA (on Valentine’s Day no less – so romantic!) and picked myself up a number of new plant friends, including … wait for it … a hanging planter and little vine thingy, ‘just in case':

File 26-02-15 22 36 23

I quite like it, I have to say. Let’s see how long it survives, as I am not known for my green thumb. I never let it stop me though, I just buy new plants when the old ones die!

If you’ve been anywhere near anything interiors related of late, you’ll already know that plants are hot right now, but actually, Natalie and I have always loved adding plants as they are a relatively cheap, quick and easy way of adding life and warmth to any space, particularly those that are often a bit cold and clinical, like kitchens, bathrooms and offices.


While the macrame hanging planter trend reminds me a bit too much of my childhood and bathrooms covered in crazy vines, this did make me wonder if I could make it work:

File 26-02-15 22 23 50

The key is to keep it light – which is the overarching trend that Louise (from 30s magazine) talked about recently.  Some more interesting ideas via her blog:


Those hanging planks are an easy DIY and I have to say that I really like the lightness of them.

Just a couple more from our Pinterest greens & flowers board – to see if we can inspire you to give hanging plants a go:


The picture above also shows a trend that I’ve been noticing – of clear vessels being used as pots, so that you see the soil. I think it adds to the richness of the plants – what do you think?


And if you’re still not convinced that you won’t kill your plants the how about a little air plant, that doesn’t need much more beyond air and light?

Let us know if you’ve been inspired and do share your plants with us either here, on Facebook or on Instagram!


Images: Tip’s / 23456

Letting Go of “Apartment Diet” – with thanks

just start martin luther king quote

“Apartment Diet, it’s been grand but hasta la vista, baby! Mwah. Tipxo”
“Apartment Diet – so long and thanks for the fish! x Nat”

It is with great joy and thanks and “release” that we say goodbye to the name “apartment diet”. It’s been a wonderful journey and we’ve learned great lessons but we’ve outgrown it and it’s time to move on.

It’s likely that we will be back in the coming weeks (months?) with a new, clearer brand. And of course, we’ll let you know of the new name and address we find. or that finds us.

Nat’s longer love letter to Apartment Diet is below. (You know we love love letters – and generally living with grace and gratitude.)

xo Tip & Natalie


stop chasing wisdom quote

Dear Apartment Diet,

(Big exhale. Aaaaahhhhh.)

There comes a time when the tap on your shoulder starts to yell at you and things that should be simple and energising feel tiring and heavy and even though you know it’s not right you’re too tired to continue or change the situation because it all feels: too hard, too big, too scary, or simply the solution hasn’t arrived no matter how many times you’ve asked.

I know because it’s exactly what we do with clients and it’s exactly what’s been happening to us with trying to turn apartment diet into a business.

Letting go is at once and easy and a hard process… But mostly I can say that the relief comes in the permission.

The permission to say I don’t know what’s next for us or what the name is and I trust it will be good. Nay great. In making a decision to turn. And close the door. Or remove yourself or an object or realising an old idea / attitude that has been part of you for so long no longer serves you / works / you’ve simply outgrown it.

The permission to say, thank you but we are done. To DECIDE one way or another.

So it was actually a relief that Tip and I both decided seperately and together to stop apartmentdiet – as a brand name and blog, a tumblr blog, a Pinterest page, an Instagram account, facebook account and a twitter one too.

And I get to write a love letter to

I know a lot of you think it’s a great name and how could we. Well, quite simply. Because we can. But actually, because we must.

I thank apartment diet for having me:

Showing me my eyes; rewarding my visual eyes; allowing me to experiment with styles; renovate our apartment; refine our method and course for healing and helping people let go of stuff and jobs and relationships and create the homes and lives and loves they feel comfortable in.

But it’s become impossible for me to operate from this place knowing that the we’ve outgrown what we started… It can’t be the business / entity I’m seeking… and so I would rather honour it for what it has been, where it has led me, thank it for all the gifts that I’ve received. And there are many many many. Including a HUGE one about doing less – except the things that matter…how much better I feel doing this and how much more I get done.

Thank you for being the perfect house for all these lessons and gifts.

I now bid you farewell and close the door literally and figuratively, on this chapter. Safe in the knowledge that the things, people and gifts that are still relevant live in me and are coming with me. Amazingly, there’s not really so much I feel I need to carry out. Nothing heavy or stressful anyway. And there’s Tip (she’s not going anywhere anytime soon!). And the knowledge that I’ve gained that lives in me.

Knowing that I’m ready for what opens. Trusting. Looking forward.

Thank you it’s been:

magnifiquesee you on the flipside.


Pssst, Tip here.  I was supposed to write a love letter to apartment diet too but Nat so eloquently said her thanks that I only managed to add a sentence up top. It HAS been grand, we’ve had such a wonderful journey together the last 5 years and besides the major lessons that have led to huge changes in my life, home and work, what I am most grateful for is the support that we have had doing this work – we are growing and realising that while our ‘real’ work is a tough sell (change work always is), that it is the work that we must do. So we want to start with a clean slate and have realised that the only way forward is to let the past go.  We’ve resisted for many months (so much for listening to our own advice – better late than never!) but with the new year comes new beginnings. Let’s be clear – apartmentdiet is going but WE are not!  My gift in all of this has been my partnership with Nat which still continues as we grow our vision together. She makes me a better person. So, we have grand plans and we are really excited to share them with you – just as soon as we regroup, rebrand and launch!  Don’t go anywhere just yet – we will let you know very very soon as we are oh so close.  So many exciting things bubbling in the works, including our workshop at The Hive Conference in Berlin in April, our Happy House Rules book, card decks, podcasts and more courses!!! Onward and upward, as they say. With great love, Tipxo

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Weekend Reading: Our most loved posts of 2014

Everyone seems to be doing it so we’re jumping on that bandwagon, bringing you the blog posts that are the most loved by our readers (that’s you!) from the last year. A little retrospective, as it were! Enjoy.

  1. Lara Hotz’s Kitchen DIY - we are ALL about small changes => big impact here at apartment diet.  Lara’s kitchen revamp does just that.
  2. Our 7 Top Unkillable Plants – For the black thumbs around here, like me, that still want to have plants.
  3. Natalie’s house tour on interiors addict - Natalie has turned her warren like apartment in Tel Aviv into a light, bright family space.
  4. Sleep Habits: unplugging the bedroom – Natalie tells you a bit about how she unplugged her bedroom to sleep better.
  5. Let it Go: Why We Keep Stuff - A really good list with the help of Karen Kingston to help you self diagnose why you’re hanging on to stuff.
  6. Psychology of Clutter & Letting Go – A link to a great article about the psychology of stuff.
  7. Mel Bombadiere’s Living Room Rethink – The results of our work with Mel, helping her rethink her living room & get her started again.
  8. Moving On When Someone Close to you loses someone close to them – A personal post from Natalie about the loss of a loved one.
  9. Let Go Of Things That Make You Feel Bad – All about “life’s too short for bad vibes”.
  10. Can You Help Me Wife / Husband /Partner – A question we get asked.  A LOT.

Beyond Minimalism: Pre-coffee ramblings from my bed

Random train of thought ramblings from this morning on the topic of Beyond Minimalism. No script, no editing but it does include the lovely sounds of my yawns, bedsheet ruffling and the occasional scream from a child. That’s life. And me testing out the iPhone 6 voice recorder. Listen if you dare! ;-) Happy weekend, Tipxo

PS You won’t believe the thoughts that ran through my head before posting this (it’s not good enough, do people really want to hear you yawning or rambling on, it’s too long, it should be more polished etc) … BUT, in the interest of walking the talk and letting go of the shoulds that I’ve talked about, here it is, in its entirety, warts and all. Now, time to go buy some coffee!

PPS For all the true minimalists out there – this is most certainly not about dissing minimalism. It’s just my thoughts on how the idea of minimalism gets misconstrued and the focus sits squarely on just getting rid of things/decluttering rather than focusing on the heart of what the movement is about. But actually, ít’s also about going a step further … past even caring about stuff in the first place.

Just BE: Breathe Extravagantly


listen, are your breathing just a little & calling it life? #quote #wisdom


So I was at yoga last week, as usual, when my yoga teacher said something that I thought was pretty awesome. She was talking about the breath (as you do a lot in yoga) and she said, “most people don’t breathe very well … shallow, unsatisfying breaths, or they often hold their breath … what I’d like you to do is breathe extravagantly”. I had never heard this expression before but I loved it so much and just had to share.

Breathe Extravagantly

So if you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed or stressed about anything, I invite you to take 5 minutes right now and breathe – extravagantly!

PS Sounds so simple, but it works. And we’re all about what works. Taking a few minutes out to stop and breathe is just one of 20 ways we have up our sleeves to help you get started, unstuck and moving in the direction you’d prefer.

Sign up below if you haven’t already and receive a sneak peek of our forthcoming eBook, 20 ways to start, as your free gift:


Oh and if you haven’t heard yet – we will be speaking and workshopping at The Hive Conference in Berlin in April this year!  Come and join us?! Check it out here.