Hanging Planters


When I saw this month’s theme for Urban Jungle Bloggers I got a bit excited as I thought it would be a great reason for me to get my craft on and create my very own hanging planter … well, February whizzed by and besides spending the last week painting my attic floor, no other house relating things happened! I DID go to IKEA (on Valentine’s Day no less – so romantic!) and picked myself up a number of new plant friends, including … wait for it … a hanging planter and little vine thingy, ‘just in case’:

File 26-02-15 22 36 23

I quite like it, I have to say. Let’s see how long it survives, as I am not known for my green thumb. I never let it stop me though, I just buy new plants when the old ones die!

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Greening The Bedroom: UrbanJungleBloggers Nov

Decorate with plants” is a big happy house rule for us. And workplace rule too actually. As is a happy bedroom.

So it’s a pleasure to join #urbanjunglebloggers this month on the topic ‘greening the bedroom’.

apartmentdiet nat's place urbanjunglebloggers

Will you play too?

Your effort doesn’t need to be big. It can be as simple as a twig, a leaf, a single flower or a bunch or a little plant. A green pillow case, blanket or poster. A vase. Don’t get bogged down by what you can’t do or don’t have….add some green that you can, something that makes you smile.

green the bedroom inspiration apartmentdiet urbanjunglebloggers

PS Happy thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate and in the spirit of giving thanks – thanks to you ALL for being so supportive of us as we grow this blog into a business!

Images: Nat’s place  / Pinterest 1, 2, 3, 4 (from left to right, top, bottom)

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An Invitation to Bring Peace Into Your Home: Peace Pots

What can I do? …We always say ‘start with a corner…

Today I invite you to join me in spreading peace into your own corners,

in the heart of your homes.

peace pots

I had a whole other blog planned for today but then life intervened. I don’t usually get all personal on this blog (Maybe we should? Maybe you’d like us too?) but today at 832am mid getting dressed I found myself was sitting in the stairwell-cum-bomb-shelter with my 9month old son, waiting for a bomb siren to stop whining and the sound of a bomb being imploded over Tel Aviv.

We’re OK, really.

Perspective is always fleeting, at least for me. I live in Tel Aviv and this is the price we occasionally pay. And I never know how to deal with it because I’m some who likes to improve things and find solutions, and I have solutions for dealing with it other than being practical, safe and offer thanks and gratitude for what I have…and ask for Peace

…and then I was taken back to 12/12/12 when the same thing was happening here (sirens, bombs over Tel Aviv)…and the teeny idea I called Peace Pots and long since forgotten came rushing back.

It’s called Peace pots and it’s about inviting peace into a corner of your home – not with a promise, but  with a physical object, a plant, so that you take care of it…in the physical. (Well you know we’re big on doing things in the physical space here ;).

picasso peace dove

I so often wonder, not just what’s happening here but about things that happen in other far off places – “but what can I do?”. There are many other places in the world on fire and like for most of us, unless it’s on your doorstep it’s easy to ignore…I certainly do. How can we grapple with things we can’t help?

…and that’s where the pots come in. Below is what I wrote then, the same applies today. If it resonates with you in any way, I’d love you to join in.

The Story
My friend Marge told me a story about how she was running a workshop on peace with kids and they asked them what they wished for. One boy answered “peace in the classroom”. His teacher said “don’t you mean world peace?” “No,” he said, “I can’t do that. But I can help make peace in my classroom”.

What’s a Peace Pot?
A peace pot is just that. An opportunity to invite peace into your home & your neighbourhood.

How do I make one?

Plant it with rich earth, add something living, pretty & green. Or buy a lovely plant. Label it.

Place them in your homes. Gift them to your friends. Or a stranger. Feed it water and love. Let it grow.
…We might not know how to make world peace, but we can definitely add some to our own little corners of the world, our homes. And maybe, if we fill enough corners. Well, you just never know.


ps the photo above is a pot I literally just bought today and have placed in our home.

I’d love to invite you to do the same.

images: 1 / 2