Greening The Bedroom: UrbanJungleBloggers Nov

Decorate with plants” is a big happy house rule for us. And workplace rule too actually. As is a happy bedroom.

So it’s a pleasure to join #urbanjunglebloggers this month on the topic ‘greening the bedroom’.

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Will you play too?

Your effort doesn’t need to be big. It can be as simple as a twig, a leaf, a single flower or a bunch or a little plant. A green pillow case, blanket or poster. A vase. Don’t get bogged down by what you can’t do or don’t have….add some green that you can, something that makes you smile.

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PS Happy thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate and in the spirit of giving thanks – thanks to you ALL for being so supportive of us as we grow this blog into a business!

Images: Nat’s place¬† / Pinterest 1, 2, 3, 4 (from left to right, top, bottom)

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  1. Exactly you said it all! Adding a few plants to your bedroom (or living room, bathroom, windowsill or work space or or or…;) ) is easy and can even enhance the quality of the air! But of course it also looks really good. Thank you for playing along again, Natalie!

    • nat Author

      Pleasure Judith and YES, easy and enhances the air quality – and life quality!
      Love what you guys are doing spreading the love of plants around…


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