Powerful Vibrations: Beyonce’s Mini Documentary


I just watched Beyonce‘s 8 minute mini documentary.

It’s about her performance at the Grammys of “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”.
And it’s still vibrating in me. So I thought I’d share here if you haven’t seen it already. Would love to know how it made you feel in the comments.

“I am tired.
I am weak.

Take my hand.
And lead me…home”

I know it’s a comment about race, but given all the things happening in the world, most recently yesterday, in Copenhagen, I think it goes beyond. To something larger that so many of us are craving. In our personal lives, in our cities, from the world.

I also am so…inspired, proud (?) of Beyonce – that she used her voice and role as such a powerful ‘vessel’.

As one of the men interviewed says:

It’s an opportunity “to send out a vibration of love and healing to the world…because people are hurting right now. There’s been a lot of death and negative energies…”

Music is a way of bringing [us] together”

I’ve always believe words and music have power. I hope this ripples to all the places in the world it needs to go and offers a glimmer of peace in all the dark places. In us all.

“Take my hand…and lead me home.”

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