TGIF: Friday Inspiration, Yummies + Link Pack

pineapple-boat the house that larsbuilt

TGIF! Don’t you just want to dive into this pineapple boat ?!

Somehow it’s August 1st and this week flew by with Tip coming back from a lovely week away and me taking some rest and distracting myself from the situation here in Tel Aviv with some great client work. We’re re-focusing our business so that we have a business model that works and allows us to do what we love – work with you all to Design & Create Happy Healthy Homes.

We spent the week on our #happyhouserules: The Power of Paint and some DIY paint tips. Folks are playing along with us over on Instagram: Join us & say hi! And of course, here’s some of our favourite links and inspiration from the internet this week.

Kidsroom bunk beds girls by kronprinsessene

Favourite Pins

Our Kids Board was on FIRE this week especially these kidrooms: this and this gorgeous girls room above

Also loving this great kids linen by Feliz


gummy bear popsicles

Goodies + Links Gummy bear popsicles anyone?

Pineapples & summer fruit are STILL trending – like Jennifer Loiselle’s collection, this t-shirt + Tip’s new hall pineapple-ish chandelier

Live with a cat? Emily’s cat friendly design tips are for you (for pet + cat owners everywhere)

In case you’re don’t want to paint, here are 10 ways to add colour without paint Justina’s thoughts on being called an interior designer resonated with me because like her while we help people to create happy healthy spaces our primary training is more change and process focused: with a lot of other formal and informal education in coaching, design, teaching, business, finance and more. While Tip is doing an interior design course but it’s not our main background. What we do have a lot of experience in is helping people make real changes, finding their own styles, creating spaces that feel great and doing the real work to deal with their stuff and cementing strategies to organise and manage their homes…and working with them to make changes that last.  Lots to ponder on but would love to hear your thoughts on this too!

Hem: Accessible beautiful design yes please!

How to make perfect hardboiled eggs: Works everytime

Avocado, spinach & mozarella pizza: I’ll make it this weekend (or next week if I’m too lazy)

TGIF + a happy weekend folks, nat (& tip)

Peace, Friday Favourites + Weekend Inspiration

close your eyes let it go poster etsy shop promopocket

Oh our hearts. We send out a message for peace and love and rest to you all.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend (and we hope there’s good food and rest involved) we hope these links and images make you smile, breathe and lighten the mood ever so slightly on this heavy heavy world news day and week:

Fun kids bedroom by Dutch Kinder Kamer Stylist (above) – our most reposted pin the last few days

This poster (the one at the top of this post)

This GENIUS bathroom found by Tip (by Jenny Wolf Interiors)

Watch: Portraits in Creativity – first up the awesome Maira Kalman by Gael Towey (tx SwissMiss)

10 easy tips for personalising a rental

3-ingrediant pastas – fast and yum, yes please!

We’ve started a favourite corners project on Instagram – kicking off with Miss Moss

Would you go on a cooking strike? – Tip did. She shares how to really let go

Swan Soiree toddler bedding

let’s have a holiday at this summer house and this Danish cottage

xxNat & Tip


Design Crush: Gunila Axen

While playing in baby design land I discovered Swedish textile designer, Gunila Axén.

If you’re in any way looking at baby design / products online you’ve likely caught her cloud design series.

I love when someone creates products that are fun for kids & big kids, their parents.

Cue the crush.

(careful, it’s catchy!)

Well, I’m smitten too. Now also by her icebergs.

Gunila Axen iceberg

PS Yes yes, her bedding is wishlisted. Feel free to send them my way ;)