Peace, Friday Favourites + Weekend Inspiration

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Oh our hearts. We send out a message for peace and love and rest to you all.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend (and we hope there’s good food and rest involved) we hope these links and images make you smile, breathe and lighten the mood ever so slightly on this heavy heavy world news day and week:

Fun kids bedroom by Dutch Kinder Kamer Stylist (above) – our most reposted pin the last few days

This poster (the one at the top of this post)

This GENIUS bathroom found by Tip (by Jenny Wolf Interiors)

Watch: Portraits in Creativity – first up the awesome Maira Kalman by Gael Towey (tx SwissMiss)

10 easy tips for personalising a rental

3-ingrediant pastas – fast and yum, yes please!

We’ve started a favourite corners project on Instagram – kicking off with Miss Moss

Would you go on a cooking strike? – Tip did. She shares how to really let go

Swan Soiree toddler bedding

let’s have a holiday at this summer house and this Danish cottage

xxNat & Tip


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