Weekend ideas via Slow Your Home


Since we don’t want to completely abandon you, our lovely community, here are 5 weekend ideas via Brooke from Slow Your Home:

Five Things for Your Weekend

DO: Choose a random drawer or shelf in your wardrobe and remove 5 things you no longer need.

THINK ABOUT: Slow travel and the 6 reasons you should try it.

TRY: Sitting in a quiet, empty room for five minutes. No screens, no music, no interruptions. See where your brain takes you and challenge yourself to stay and soak in those moments of quiet for the full five minutes.

WATCH: This TedX talk from Jennifer Scott. She has created (and loves) a simple 10-item wardrobe. Could you live with only 10 items of clothing? (I couldn’t but it certainly inspired me to make changes to the way I dress. I now have around 30 items in my wardrobe.)

GEEK OUT OVER: Amy Poehler’s book, Yes, Please. Far and away one of my favourite reads of the holidays. She’s fierce, funny and writes hard truths about writing/life/kids/comedy. (She also swears a lot, so if that’s not your thing then maybe give it a miss.)

Sunshine & happy hugs,

Tip & Natalie

PS If you’re wondering about the 5 – it’s because our blog turned 5 yesterday!!!


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